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Ζ&Α S.A., is one of the oldest Greek consulting companies specialized in the water sector, as well as in environmental, geological and geotechnical studies. The company was founded as "K. Zeris – P. Antonaropoulos and Associates Ltd" in 1990, but its roots go back to the sixties when its founder Konstantinos Zeris starts his personal career in the consulting industry. In 2004, the company was renamed to Z&A S.A. with Mr. Panos Antonaropoulos being the major shareholder.


In the early years Z&A has been mostly involved with projects concerning the Public Sector, and has developed special experience in the hydraulic sector area. Since 2004 the company has created substantial presence in overseas markets with the aim of delivering sustainable, efficient and innovative water solutions among numerous countries like Cyprus, Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zambia, Mauritius, Uganda, South Sudan, Yemen, India and recently Zimbabwe.


Throughout the years, Z&A has developed local experience combined with international engineering practises and has co-operated and built working relations with some of the largest European Consulting companies in the field, participating in tender studies and proposals funded by the European Union and other International Organizations such as the World Bank, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), the European Commission, the French Development Agency, the African Development Bank etc. Z&A has become Europe's most knowledge Greek company in the fields of consulting engineering, environmental technology and water management and our vision is to remain as such. In order to achieve this objective, our core values are Specialization, Integrity, and Excellence. Our partners implement these values everyday in how they work together, stay true to their mission, and pursue the company's vision. These core values represent the firm's commitment to, and continuation of, the principles which have evolved since the founding of the firm. Our business model is based on simplicity and client focus, where the idea is that it should be easy for clients to do business with Z&A.


Our Competitive advantages

Z&A has managed to address the challenges that the engineering sector is facing today by increasing the efficiency of the services offered. The point on everything we do is to get things designed by applying our technical and logical expertise and by working closely with our clients. This helps us maintain flexibility in responding quickly and effectively to all engineering challenges. We contribute our broad range of experience to deliver cost effective solutions on time and we have a good track record of successfully completed designs. Behind our projects success is a talented and dedicated staff that embraces a culture of collaboration and shared reward, and a supportive workplace environment.


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Our partners implement these values everyday in how they work together, stay true to their mission, and pursue the company's vision.

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