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Provision Of Advisory Services For Construction Of The Wastewater Collection Network And The Wastewater Treatment Station In The City Of Chrysochous

Country: CYPRUS ,   Year: 2023 - In progress ,   Client: Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Water Development Department ,   Funding: E.U. and National Funding ,   Contract Value: 1,330,000.00 EUR ,   Tags: Construction Supervision Services, Sewage and Wastewater

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Country: GREECE ,   Year: 2023 - In progress ,   Client: M.E.T.K.A. S.A. ,   Funding: E.U. and National Funding ,   Contract Value: 137,000.00 EUR ,   Tags: Infrastructure, Storm Water Networks and Flood prevention

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Country: GREECE ,   Year: 2023 - In progress ,   Client: M.E.T.K.A. S.A. ,   Funding: E.U. National Funding ,   Contract Value: 85,000.00 EUR ,   Tags: Infrastructure, Storm Water Networks and Flood prevention

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Country: GREECE ,   Year: 2022 - In progress ,   Client: Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace ,   Funding: E.U. nad National Funding ,   Contract Value: 831,622.85 Euros ,   Tags: Irrigation

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Consultancy Services To Conduct Review Of Detailed Designs, Detailed Feasibility Study, Detailed Design Studies Of Irrigation Schemes In Balaka, Dedza, Machinga, Chikwawa And Thyolo Districts – Design Phase

Country: MALAWI ,   Year: 2022 - In progress ,   Client: Ministry of Water and Sanitation of Malawi ,   Funding: World Bank ,   Contract Value: 778,730.00 USD ,   Tags: Irrigation

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The new irrigation schemes to be assessed through this consultancy are separated into two groups.
Group A sites: Kasangadzi, Mazame and Nkawinda
Group B sites: Utale, Kamwaza, Khwisa, Lisungwi, Phandiro, Ndundumale, Nkhawazantha and Ulande.

The objectives of the present assignment are:
a) Review existing studies and reports for the Group A (480 ha) irrigation schemes
b) To prepare or update feasibility studies and climate resilient detailed engineering designs for the Group A irrigation schemes
c) Assess the condition of the Group B schemes and prepare assessment reports for each one with BoQ of the needed remedy works.
d) To prepare detailed bidding documents for the works for both Group A and Group B (649 ha)schemes (Total Targeted area 1129 Ha).

Feasibility Study, Detailed Design Of Multipurpose Water Harvesting Structures - Stage A – Design Phase

Country: MALAWI ,   Year: 2022 - In progress ,   Client: Ministry of Water and Sanitation of Malawi ,   Funding: World Bank ,   Contract Value: 1,001,300.00 USD ,   Tags: Dams & Hydropower

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This consultancy aims to reduce the risk of communities exposed to flooding and enhance the resilience of community to drought through strategic infrastructure investments

Initially the consultancy services targeted in seventeen (17) multipurpose water harvesting structures spread across ten districts within the project area, which in general is the Shire River Basin. Following the kickoff meeting, it was proposed by the Client a new list of sites to be considered, separating the list in two categories, as some of them are priority for the Ministry and de-signs have to be completed the soonest possible.

The sites to be assessed through this consultancy are separated into two categories of sites, priority and non priority, following respective request from the client.
Priority sites: Sombani, Phalombe minor, Zomba south, Nsuwa, Mtonda, Namalowa, Chete, Nantipwiri/Bandanga, Tsanjalale (Dedja), Kasangadzi, Nthondo
Non Priority sites: Kamwaza, Livulezi, Namitembo, Naliswe, Kabawi.

Consultancy Services For Up‐Scaling The Shire River Operation Decision Support System (Odss) Through Enhanced Hydromet Network System In Malawi

Country: MALAWI ,   Year: 2022 - In progress ,   Client: Ministry of Water and Sanitation of Malawi ,   Funding: World Bank ,   Contract Value: 782,917.05 USD ,   Tags: Water Resources Management

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The main objective is to create a connection between the results produced by the Shire River Operation Decision Support System (ODSS) software and the KABOM (Kamuzu Barrage Operation and Management Model) manage-ment tool so that the hydrological information produced and data collected by the ODSS can be directly ingested into KABOM to improve and facilitate decision support. It is specified that in the initial phase of implementation, the tool's functionalities will be kept the same as those of the currently implemented system, thus upgrading the software used and connecting it to the ODSS. Subsequently, the need and possibility of adding new features to the tool will be evaluated. Another improvement resulting from the connection with the ODSS software is the more precise definition of the amount of resource coming from the tributaries, which in this case can be directly calcu-lated by the hydrological model instead of being limited to the choice of low or high parameters.

Selection Of Consulting Services For Supervision And Contract Administration Of Addis Ababa City Water Distribution Scada System Project

Country: ETHIOPIA ,   Year: 2022 - In progress ,   Client: AAWSA, Water and Sanitation Infrastructure Development Division ,   Funding: World Bank ,   Contract Value: 1,077,918.00 USD ,   Tags: Non Revenue Water projects, Water Supply & Water Distribution

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The scope of this consultancy service includes all contract administration and supervision activities required during detail design, supply and installation of the centralized SCADA system. Z&A is responsible for managing the contractor’s activities with the required quality and completion of the project on an agreed timeline.
Z&A is responsible for supervision of the following contractor’s activities which are under the scope of work of the SCADA project:

a) Conducting site audit and reparation of revised bill of quantities for each existing SCADA systems.
b) Design review and producing final working documents.
c) Rehabilitation and maintenance of existing Local Control Stations (LCS) and existing SCADA systems.
d) Implementation of a new Central Control Station to be located at AAWSA Head Office
e) Incorporation of the existing SCADA systems of Gafarsa Water Treatment Plant, Lagadadhi Water Treatment Plant, Akaki well fields ( phases I, II, IIIA, IIIB), Lagadadhi Deep wells Phase I & Phase II, Koye Feche Well field into the new SCADA System.
f) Implementation of new SCADA system for SANF Deep Wells and incorporation into the central SCADA system
g) Detailed design, supply, installation and commissioning of the new Local Control Stations for reservoirs and pumping stations which are part of the water distribution network.
h) Incorporation of the new local control stations into the new central SCADA system.
i) Detail design, supply, installation and integrating into central SCADA of the internal network monitoring stations

The provided services cover the fields of:
Supervision of Construction Activities
Check and approve that the contractor reviewed design documents, drawings, specifications and bills of quantities are in conformity with the contract documents and accepted international standards for the sys-tem.
Approval of Safety, Health and Environment Manual and Quality Management and Control Manual
Review of Contractors’ Work Programme

Inspection and testing of supplied materials and installed equipment, approval of commissioning proce-dures and conducting operational acceptance tests

Advice to the Client on the Progress of Works
Delivery of “As built” drawings to the Client
Transfer of knowledge and skill


Country: ETHIOPIA ,   Year: 2022 - In progress ,   Client: SNNP REGIONAL WATER, MINES AND ENERGY DEVELOPMENT BUREAU ,   Funding: World Bank ,   Contract Value: 1,439,589.00 USD ,   Tags: Non Revenue Water projects

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The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has received financing from the International Development Association (IDA) for the implementation of Second Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project (SUWSSP). The Ministry of Water and Energy applied a por-tion of the proceeds of the fund to SNNP Regional State Water, Mines and Energy Development Bureau. The SNNP Region is in the southern part of Ethiopia, its area covers 112,343 km2 and its population is over 15 million. The capital city is Hawassa. The Project focuses on the cities of Hawassa, Wolaita Sodo and Arba Minch and includes two main assignments, each with its own specific objectives and scope of services:
- Develop a Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Reduction Strategic Plan.
- Develop a Business Plan.
As the two assignments feed into each other, the Consultant is executing the two assignments concurrently for each of the three Water Enterprises.
Main City Population (urban and rural) for the three cities are :

Hawassa 492,579 
Arba Minch 167,025 
Sodo 169,578 


Country: NIGERIA ,   Year: 2022 - In progress ,   Client: FEDERAL MINISTRY OF WATER RESOURCES ,   Funding: World Bank ,   Contract Value: 2,051,117.00 USD ,   Tags: Irrigation

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River Benue is an international river flowing into Nigeria, originating from the highlands of northern Cameroon. The river runs for about 900 km from the border to the confluence with River Niger at Lokoja, Kogi State. River Benue has two major hydrological water provinces in Nigeria - the Upper Benue and the Lower Benue.
The Benue River Basin between the International border with Cameroon and Lokoja is classified as hydrological area III and IV in the Nigerian drainage system classification, covering 98.0 x 103 sq km at the International border of Cameroun and drainage area of 338.2x103 sq km at Lokoja and gross surface water potential of 108.10x109m3/year. The groundwater potential is estimated at 37.9x109m3 /year (JICA MP, 2013).

 The Scope of the Consultancy services are:

I. Update the essential parts of the water resources management data by evaluating available resources spa-tially and temporally for the Benue River Basin “Hydrological Area (HA) 3 and 4” considering the available Water in the Water Resources Master Plans of 1995 and 2013 and their related studies in the past.
II. Draw out the Benue Basin Water Management Plan using most up-to-date state of the art tools, through forecast demand projection of various sub-sectors of water uses, evaluate demand projection for the Benue Basin sub-sectors according to their order of priority: as Municipal and Rural domestic water supply, Irrigation, Hydropower generation schemes, environmental flows, Flood and Drought Control, Inland Navigation and River training, Aquacul-ture and Livestock schemes taking into consideration the socio-environmental risks and needs for downstream.
III. Prepare a Development Plan including a set of possible irrigation and water resources development schemes, including some of which may already be in various stages of implementation.
IV. Project Prioritization and Detailed Designs.

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