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The overall objective of the project is a Cost Effective and Sustainable Up-scaling of Continuous (24x7) Pressured Water Supply, its Operation and Management in Hubbali – Dharwad City of Karnataka in India. The client is Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development & Finance Corporation (KUIDFC) with World Bank's co-funding.

The Scope of work under the Contract includes a comprehensive assessment of the existing system, cost effective design of works needed for upgrading the system to a continuous pressured water supply, procurement of works/goods/services as Construction Manager for the Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation, construction supervision, system operation, maintenance of the system and customer relations (including customer interface, billing and collection) of this continuously pressured water supply system to be performed in 3 stages over the contract period of 12 years.

The associated consultants are, Z&A P. Antonaropoulos and Associates (Greece), Ranhill Utilities Sdn. Bhd (Malaysia), and IL&FS Water Limited (India).

The key activities undertaken by Z&A include the following:

Design works, Analysis of hydraulic network structure and operation using network hydraulic modelling software and data to arrive at existing network capacity, Network demand assessment, Special components (such as surge and water hammer protection requirements etc.), Identification of network components requiring replacement or rehabilitation or to be newly added, Creation of Hydraulic Zoning for the network for equitable distribution of water and 24/7 for 30 year horizon, Identification of various options of system configuration for equitable distribution and selection of the preferred option, Review of preferred option for further optimization, Specification for SCADA, instrumentation, PLC, billing and metering including all hardware and software, Design basis - civil, electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, Preparation of a System technical review, Review and guidance will be provided, if needed, Integrated Management Information System

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